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Tired of rodents gnawing on your fruit trees, gopher snatching your vegetation from below or rats scuttling up your downspout? 

Invite a couple of barn owls over and they’ll gobble up the vermin at a rate of 2,000+ per year. 

How It Works


Due to increased costs associated with travel for installation, a small service fee may also be applied on some (but not all) orders that include install. For orders outside of San Diego and Riverside counties, there may be a travel fee. For more information, please call Tom Stephan at 760-445-2023 for pricing.


Your Barn Owl Nesting Box purchased, with optional Installation, we include all materials, labor and a consultation about where the best spots are to place a barn owl nesting box. We’re proud to be a full service provider for our valued customers.


Installation is available in the following States: California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Installations available elsewhere with prior to purchasing arrangements.

The Castle

  • $1,050 installed
  • $350 shipped without camera


Hoo's Hoo Box

Our most popular box. Handcrafted from fine Luan Mahogany and features a beautiful Manzanita Perch. Includes instructions.

  • $300: box only, includes shipping
  • $800: box, installation in a tree or on a pole
  • $950: box, installation in a tree or on a pole with night vision solar powered WIFI camera.

Ornate Owl Box

The box is designed to fit in the landscape and crafted by skilled owl box makers.

  • $495: box only, includes shipping
  • $550: box, installation in a tree or on a pole

Basic Barn Owl Box

  • $200: box only, includes shipping
  • $350: box, installation in a tree or on a pole

Screech Owl or American Kestrel Box

This Screech Owl Box doubles as an American Kestrel box too! 11″X12″. Lateral perch to guard against tail feather tip damage. Comes with backing panel, mounting instructions and free shipping!

  • $150: box only, includes shipping
  • $330: box, installation in a tree or on a pole


The Bat Box

Stay tuned for this awesome bat box or call today to pre-order!

Why Hire Air Superiority?

  • 50 year master falconer.
  • Installer of the Owl box “Molly The Owl” internet sensation. 21 million views in nine months.
  • Raptor propagator, having bred over 100 peregrine falcons and Harris Hawks. 
  •  Raptor Biologist. Edwards AFB and Wildlife Research Institute.
  • First American falconer to perform professional falconry related bird abatement. San Pasqual Winery and Edna Valley Vineyard, San Luis Obispo.1983.
  • First American falconer to hold a military contract performing falconry related bird abatement or B.A.S.H. “Bird Air Strike Hazard at (show videos) Edwards AFB, March ARB, Northrup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, 1990. 
  • Inventor of the “bird cam”. 1993. Source Cornel U. of Ornithology.
  • Former Certified arborist (western Extension no. 3031).

Over the last 33 years, my company’s methods of installing owl nesting boxes have been imitated a few times. There was a retired truck driver, a wildlife trapper, and even a surf boy down the street. None of these imitators have ever had trained raptors or owned a bird for that matter, save possibly a parakeet. Hire the originator, Air Superiority!

Tom Stephan


Build Your Own Barn Owl Box

Learn about Barn Owl biology. Build your Barn Owl nest box from pre-cut plywood panels. Then learn how and where to install them. 

This 4-hour class also covers owl biology, nest building as well as owl box placement and installation. No group too big or too small. 

Just call Tom Stephan for pricing.

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