Learn More:  Tom Stephan Will Captivate Your Group With Discussion on Birds of Prey

Birds have captured the imagination of humans since the two were first introduced hundreds of thousands of years ago. From inspiring us to achieve flight and igniting spiritual spirations, to literally bridging the link from the age of dinosaurs, the reverence, fascination and curiosity we feel for birds is unmatched.

For more than 30 years, Tom Stephan has been an in-demand speaker as he educates various audiences about not only the beauty and wonder of these fascinating creatures, but also the crucial role they play in maintaining and continuing fragile ecosystems.

Tom’s interest in birds of prey began in earnest in grade school, and continues to this day. With a special interest in barn owls, in particular, Tom has installed over 34,000 barn owl nesting boxes and has authored the book “Beneficial Barn Owls: The Entertaining Way to Rid Yourself of Rodents” (available on Amazon).

Far from a typical lecture, a speaking engagement with Tom is a true educational and fascinating experience. Often accompanied by a raptor for observation, Tom shares rare insight into the human-raptor relationship, including the specific roles barn owls perform in the suburban environment.

A presentation from Tom includes discussions about:

  • when and where barn owls nest;
  • how they control the rodent population in in rural and suburban environments;
  • their complex forms of communications; and
  • the tender displays of emotion they share with one another.

To arrange a raptor presentation from Tom Stephan for your community group, please call (760) 445-2023 or contact him via email.

What people are saying:

  • So interesting and informative – Please return. Excellent. 10 Outstanding
  • Very interesting – learned a lot. 10
  • WOW – a hoot!! Super afternoon! 10 Outstanding++
  • So much knowledge. 10 Outstanding
  • Fun speaker, full of info. Great start for the season. Interesting topic. 10
  • Condensed huge amount of evolution of birds in layman terms w/ great visuals of barn owls & prey & made understandable connection between T-Rex & barn owl. 10 Outstanding
  • Tom’s info re: barn owls was outstanding – I knew nothing of their history before his talk. Humor – great!! 10 Outstanding
  • I appreciate all the scientific and “dinosaur” background information he provided along with the run-of-the-mill bird info. 9
  • Extremely informative  & humorous presentation. 10
  • Very well presented & good information. 10
  • Very interesting. Presented his talk with humor & knowledge. 9
  • Delightful Learning! 10 Outstanding
  • Very, very interesting!! 9
  • Good choice! 10
  • Terrific speaker – very interesting!! 10
  • Very interesting talk and entertaining. Hope Tom returns to talk to us again about whatever he wants. 9
  • Tom remembered “chatting” w/me on Molly & McGee’s site ! Enjoyed!! 10 Outstanding
  • Very interesting presentation. 10
  • Very interesting, beneficial info. Will endeavor suggesting to HOA. 10
  • Well presented w/humor. Very complete education. 10
  • Fun, passionate about his subject, and able to educate. 10
  • Learned a lot about birds of prey. 10
  • Excellent. 10
  • One of the best! Very informative and interesting! 10
  • Invite him back for paleontology focus (elaboration)! 10
  • Interesting, informative with a touch of humor. 9
  • Great information & well presented. 10
  • Such good info that will change use of bait boxes. Will appreciate my horned owl near me. 10 Outstanding
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  • Nice history of dinosaur-to-owl. Most interesting. Good humor. 10 Outstanding
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  • So very well informed on subject – great, fun, presenter. 10 Outstanding
  • Fascinating. 10